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    Today's Date:  03/03/2021

     "Chronic Pain:  A Cy From The Whole Brain", by Dominique Engel, MD  

         Dr. Engel has successfully relieved the symtpoms of Lou Gehrig's (ALS), Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Meniere's, Fibromyalgia, Huntington's Chorea, and other Chronic Diseases that you may be living with in fear and pain.

             Start learning with the video and patient comments using the Chronic Pain link above.

              There is finally admission of the Opioid Pandemic.  If are using drugs please try to learn the origins of that pain and suffering using the Chronic Pain link above.   You will learn that it was not your fault for using drugs because no one ever told you where the suffering began.  The suffering begins in the brain, but everone attacks the area that you complain about.  For example, leg pain.  Like the little old lady I share in the video you will watch.



             Thank you.




    $ 26,000,000

    Dominique G. Engel, MD                                          

    Neurosurgeon                                                                           Northwestern School of Medicine 

    Email:  DrEngel@BrainCity.US     

    Telephone:  (530) 682-3845


    Bobby Heer                                                               

    Integrative Biology                                                                      University of California Berkeley


    Email:  BobbyHeer@BrainCity.US

    Telephone:  (202) 368-3545


    Today's Date 12/28/2020 

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