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    "Chronic Pain:  A Cry From The Whole Brain", by Dominique Engel, MD  

         Lou Gehrig's (ALS), Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Meniere's, Huntington's Chorea, and other diseases have been resolved by Dr. Engel's work on the brain.  Listen to the lecture in the link above.

         Survive, thrive, and beat the Coronavirus with Dr. Engel's eat, sleep, pooh, and breathe lifestyle.  Trouble swallowing, breathing, going, and pain?  Watch the Cry from the Whole Brain!

    For all of Dr. Engel's free videos on health use the link above.



    $ 26,000,000

    Dominique G. Engel, MD                                   

    Neurosurgeon                                                                           Northwestern School of Medicine 

                                                                                                      Bobby Heer, BS                                                             

    Integrative Biology with Emphasis in Human Biology   University of Calfornia Berkeley


    Contact:  AI@BrainCity.US  


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